Twofaced Youth

Benjamin Chocron

Rock music made in the the most raw and DIY fashion.

Benjamin Chocron spends his free time creating memorable songs, recording guitar, bass, vocals, and drums, for hours and hours. Screaming guitar solos, rocking riffs, groovy baselines, carefully thought out vocals… Put it all together and you get Twofaced Youth!

Live Concert - Hornsby, NSW - 2023 (details TBC)


Twofaced Youth is an Australian rock band that has been making waves in the music industry since their formation in 2021. The band is led by the talented Ben Chocron, who not only plays lead guitar but also serves as the lead vocalist.


From the very beginning, Twofaced Youth was all about creating music that speaks to their audience. Ben Chocron, who had previously played in a number of different bands, knew exactly what he wanted when he formed Twofaced Youth. He wanted to create music that was both powerful and emotionally charged, with lyrics that spoke to the struggles and triumphs of everyday life.


Over the last few years, Twofaced Youth has released several studio albums, with Ben Chocron composing and playing all the instruments – bass, lead guitar, drums and vocals – on each of them. Their music is a mix of hard rock and punk, with influences ranging from Ocean Alley to Mr BIG.

Despite the band’s success on record, Twofaced Youth has always been eager to take their music to the stage. And now, after years of preparation, they are finally ready to make their live debut as a power trio. With Ben Chocron on lead guitar and vocals, and two new members joining the lineup on bass and drums (identity is a surprise which won’t let you down!), the band is looking forward to delivering an unforgettable live experience.


Twofaced Youth’s music is all about energy and passion, and their live shows promise to be no different. With their powerful riffs, pounding drums and raw vocals, Twofaced Youth is a band that is sure to leave audiences breathless.


So if you’re looking for a rock band that can deliver the goods, look no further than Twofaced Youth. With their unique sound and electrifying live performances, this Australian powerhouse is sure to become a fan favorite in no time.


Twofaced Youth's Producer

“Twofaced Youth’s music ignites a raw and unbridled energy, unleashing a tsunami of electrifying sound that crashes over you like a storm of thunderous rock.”


Tour Dates


Hornsby, NSW
TBC Venue


Sydney, NSW
Tumbalong Park Open Stage

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